Thank you for visiting this site! My name is Tony Ducklow. I was a school teacher for many years but my first love was always film. I began making movies as a teenager and I later won awards for a local children’s TV program I created called “Captain McCool and Friends.”

Why Did I Make This Film?
I’d been looking for a film project for a couple years. I had four of five ideas that I’d been considering when it dawned on me that the subject of a film was right in front of me. I first met David Beckman back in the mid 1980s when his sister married my brother.  It wasn’t long before David became a member of my own family. Soon, the holidays didn’t feel right if David wasn’t there making everyone laugh with his clever remarks, singing, showing off his dance moves or smarting off to my brother. It began to dawn on me that David had the charisma and personality for my film. to create an interesting and fun documentary.

A Glimpse Into a Life
The Joyful Life of David Beckman offers a delightful glimpse into David’s inspirational life.
He was born at a time when it was common to institutionalize those born with Down syndrome, He grew to be a man known for his charming personality, his sense of humor and…his insatiable  desire for soda pop. Find out how his love of Coca-Cola and his dream of becoming a cowboy movie star merged into a crazy western that he was very proud of!

Unfortunately, many of us never come in close contact with those who might have disabilities. We might see them pushing carts at a grocery store or bussing tables while we eat a restaurant. This film gives an intimate glimpse into the real life of one of those people. David is a great ambassador who shows how much those with Down syndrome can achieve.

Reviews (I’ll have more)
“It was absolutely delightful!  I found myself grinning and laughing out loud many times. What a joy David was! This was such a feel-good movie. It is so heartwarming..the whole movie flowed smoothly and gave a clear picture of David’s attributes and how he brought laughter wherever he went.”
– Diane Richardson